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Munir Ahmad

Commissioner PT Indonesia Power



New and Renewable Energy Benchmark Work Program (2018)

Tokyo and Korea

Directorship Program

Indonesian Japan Technology and Introduction and Dialog on Energy and Mineral Resources

Clean Coal Technology and Technical Training on the Utilization of Electricity Measuring Equipment

Career History

Secretary to the Directorate General of Electricity (2018-now)

Director of Electricity Engineering and Environmentof the Directorate General of Electricity (2015-2018)

the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Director of Electricity Program Development (2014-2015)

Head of Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (2010-2014)

Education and Training Center

Head of Electricity and New and Renewable Energy (2010)

Education and Training Center

Custom Assignment

Base First Assingnment

Circular GMS on Replacement and Addition of Board of Commissioners Members dated August 25, 2016

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